About Us


Musen Wood Co., Ltd is a reliable supplier of home furnitures, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, baby cribs etc.

Musen operates on a simple guiding principle, provide excellent quality products, rapid response capability and great customer service at competitive prices.


Our expert sales team works in conjunction with dedicated and experienced design engineers to ensure that we are always able to provide products our customer desired. Our factory partner has been in this industry since early 1990s, all our products are handcrafted by experienced professionals who pride on ample range of details in uniqueness, creation and originality.

In addition, we believe in the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and strive to earn continual trust in our ability to work smart. Musen constantly innovates existing product lines to create new products that represent the best value for our customers.


Whatever requirement, we can provide a solution, contact us for further information.


Musen wood has been founded on the faith of providing quality products, rapid response and excellent customer service. We never forget it!!!

    Competitive Price, Quality Product, Fast Delivery, Valuable Service

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